RJ Brousseau

A thank you to all who helped


A lot of people took part in the creation of this book, from simply allowing us to bounce ideas off them, to digging in and doing full edits on the material.  We would like to give a shout out to a few of these people here:


  • Our wives, children, mothers, fathers, siblings, family and friends.  These people believed in us when we started to doubt.
  • Stephen Casazza for doing such a great job on the cover art.  Feel free to contact Stephen at StephenCasazza@gmail.com
  • Ann Heintz for giving me the encouragement to keep going.  Ann can be found on her own web site www.AnnHentz.com and her e-mail is ann@annhentz.com.
  • Mary Carroll Moore for your early reviews and all your guidance to make this possible.  Her web page is www.marycarrollmoore.com
  • Cedan for your time reviewing and critiquing.  Your honesty is greatly appreciated.